Our Focus

OCAA is guided by Oromo values and promotes the ideals of hawaasummaa (community), dirmannaa (emergency supporting), walgargaarsa ( supporting each other) and marartummaa (Compassion). In Oromia, for example, when a household is faced with the reality of death, community support is


The Oromo Community Association of Alberta  was founded by members of the Oromo community to help each other build new lives in Alberta Canada, and the focus for the association are education, social services, cultural maintenance and job training so that


The Association serves as a resource to the community by supporting organisations that make a difference in our community every day.  We enable change, promote innovation, provide emotional and financial support, connect Oromo to their identity and help our fellow community

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities at the Oromo Community Association of Alberta. To get started, fill out our contact form and our coordinator will contact you.

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Great community Spirit

Thank you so much for great work in our community. Your participation in the neighbor clean-up is highly appreciated.

Sunalta community, Chairman